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We have taken a holistic approach to footwear and insoles. You can also use our FootStopService foot scanner to assist you. It makes it easier to try out which shoes and insoles will work best for your feet.

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Keep the certification on your JALAS® safety shoes with our insoles

All Footwear manufactured with brand name JALAS® and certified according to EN ISO 20345 or EN ISO 20347 meets the requirements when fitted with FootStop Service Insoles.
Repetitive strain injury (RSI) and musculoskeletal disorders are probably the foremostwork environment problem in the western world. JALAS® has adopted a comprehensive approach to shoes and insoles.
FootStop Service works as a form of preventative health-care. It cannot, however, replace medical treatment of injuries already sustained. JALAS® anatomical insoles solve many
problems – but not all. For people who have severe problems with their feet, orthopedically tested insoles are a must.


Prevent injuries with our foot scanner

Our FootStop Service (FSS) foot scanner prevents injuries that can arise if the foot is strained abnormally. This means that FSS functions as a form of preventive health care. It does not, however, replace medical treatment for injuries that have already occurred.

  • It is fast and easy to analyse your feet with the help of the FSS.
  • You don't even need to remove your socks or stockings.
  • In just a few seconds, the scanner detects the dimensions of your feet, the arch and the plantar pressure profile of your foot.
  • You get the results immediately. On the display, you will see how and where your feet are being subjected to pressure and load. You will also see if you have a low, medium or high arch.
  • The staff in the store can now help you to try on the right shoes, and you can go home with JALAS® insoles for your type of arch.


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Go for the right shoe with the right insole

Investing in the right shoes with the right insoles is an investment for your future. In many cases, individually designed orthopaedic soles can be avoided by using JALAS® FSS insoles – available for low, medium and high foot arches.

Insoles for safety shoes

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Insoles can fix many foot problems - but not all

JALAS® anatomical insoles solve many problems – but not all. If you have significant problems with your feet, specifically moulded orthoses are a must.